The Eco Centre Somerset

A sustainability centre in the heart of Somerset 

Our Goals

To combat climate change and improve sustainability by enabling everyone to live and work more sustainably and make sustainable technology and services more accessible. 

At the heart of our plans is the Eco-Centre, a visitor centre for learning more about sustainable living; and a hub for sustainable technology, enterprise and innovation - a resource base for inspiring and reaching out to communities, schools and businesses. 

A centre of excellence for the whole of Somerset and beyond. 

Zero Waste Store
Solar Panel


A place for discovery

A place for anyone to visit and learn more about sustainable living. Our visitor centre will showcase sustainable products, technology and produce. Providing exhibitions, interactive displays and practical advice and tips to take away. 


Education and Outreach 

A base for educational resources and training opportunities for schools, students, the general public and workers about living and working more sustainably. Centre-based learning will be extended by a wider schools and community outreach programme. 


A Hub for Sustainable Business

Incubator units at the Centre will help businesses developing new sustainable products and technologies - a hub of creativity, with an emphasis on social enterprises, for growth and innovation. Together with a new network to support the green economy and enable new and existing business become more environmentally sustainable. 


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