Eco Centre
Central to our plans is establishing the Eco Centre: a centre of excellence for sustainability in the South West, but with national significance. It will provide the platform to:
  • Engage, inform and inspire people about sustainable living, technology and products – for business and at home.
  • Facilitate and nurture cross-sector collaboration to help drive sustainable innovation.
  • Inspire community engagement and action.
Our Vision
A place for all to discover something new
The Eco Centre will be a multifaceted facility with benefits for all, including:
  • The Eco-Explorer Centre is an interactive discovery centre to entertain, inform and inspire, with a diverse range of permanent and specially curated exhibitions. Here visitors can learn and gain practical advice on sustainable living.
  • Education and training programmes - for the public, professionals, businesses and schools.
  • The Green Business Hub will support enterprises developing sustainable products, technologies and services. This will include incubator units and an eco-lab for exploration, collaboration and co-resourcing.
  • It will be a beacon and resource base communities and schools.
Synergies of co-location
We believe that a meaningful impact requires both behaviour change, and accessible (available and affordable) products, technologies and services.

Key to our approach is providing the facilitates and opportunities for the individuals, business, community, voluntary and statutory sectors to learn from each other and to collaborate. We believe the synergies that develop will be a driving force for new impactful ideas and make sustainable living more accessible.

Coming together to make it happen
Realising a sustainability project on this scale and ambition is a challenge. One we are not daunted by, because we are passionate about ensuring a better future for people and the planet.

However, partnership working and stakeholder support is vital. We want to be a catalyst for greater things to happen, and bring together a wide range of stakeholders, communities and innovators. Those who believe in our mission and want to be part of it, and deliver long lasting impact for the planet and future generations

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