Addressing the challenges of climate change is for everyone to take an active role in. Between us, we have the knowledge and the tools to reduce our impact on the environment and we can a make a difference.

One way you can demonstrate your commitment is to become a member of the Eco Centre and help us move closer to achieving our vision.

It takes little effort but makes a big impact.

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Our membership is our core strength
The Eco Centre is Charitable Community Benefit Society (Charitable CBS), registered at Eco Centre CBS Limited. As a CBS we are a non-profit membership organisation, with charitable aims.

This means we are owned and run by our members – a community of people and organisations who want to see practical action against climate change. Our membership brings together a broad range of people who support the Eco Centre’s work and plans.

This is an amazing asset. Members bring their ideas, knowledge, commitment and support – the ingredients we need to make the Eco-Centre a success. When our members believe in the vision, we can trust they are making decisions with our shared goals in mind and for the plant.

Why join as a member
  • We are led and controlled by our members, which means members have a say on our plans. So you can help decide on our plans and projects and elect (and stand for) the Board of Directors.
  • We are a completely democratic organisation, which means one member, one vote (not one share one vote).
  • A strong and dedicated membership demonstrates to our stakeholders and funders we are serious about our mission. Join us and demonstrate that you stand for a sustainable future.
  • Our members are our advocates and help spread the word and increase awareness of our aims and activities.
  • It is only £1 to become a lifetime member.

Become a member for a one-off payment - from just £1
Both individuals and organisations who support our vision and mission can become a member.
  • Individuals only need to take out just one share for £1.
  • Business, or voluntary or other organisation: we ask that a minimum of ten shares are taken out.

When joining as a member:

  • You are buying one or more shares in the Eco-Centre CBS Ltd (our registered name).
  • Each share is worth £1.
  • Because we are democratic, unlike company shares, each member gets one vote regardless of how many shares they have (one member, one vote).
  • As a Charitable CBS, our shares do not increase in value, there are no dividend payments, and they are non-transferable.
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