South West Climate Action Programme
The Challenge
Every day we hear a new story about the impact of climate change globally. From extreme weather events to wildlife extinction, and changing weather patterns and sea rises, that will not only impact on way of life and work but, for many, will threaten their livelihoods, homes and lives. Climate change and its knock-on effects will affect us all to a greater or lesser extent.

We know our activities and consumption fuels climate change and degrades the environment - from generating and consuming energy, and from transport, food production, deforestation, pollution and waste.

  • We know:
  • Climate change is happening
  • It won't solve itself
  • It is one of the biggest challenges the globe has faced
  • That it is caused by our actions and not helped by our inaction.
The challenge for all of us is to find ways of addressing climate change, and living and working sustainably. It’s time to take action, and to live and work smarter.

Between us, we have the knowledge and the tools to reduce our impact on the environment. We can a make a difference if we’re prepared to be open to new thinking about living and working differently.


It’s time to be bold, to be a pioneer, be at the forefront of innovation and change.

What possibilities are there in our technology and services; by adapting how we produce and manufacture. What possibilities are in how we of working together – finding solutions through collaboration and co-creation.

About us the South West Climate Action Programme
The South West Climate Action Programme is a brand-new programme of events and activities with a sharp focus on taking practical action towards solutions to cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the impact of climate change and enable sustainable working and living.

The programme brings together sustainability champions, innovators and influencers from the business and non-commercial sectors from across the region, to:

  • Challenge the way we do things
  • Encourage and cultivate sustainable innovation
  • Develop practical and actionable ideas and solutions that will improve our way of living, working and doing business
  • Ensure lasting positive impact on the climate and environment for generations to come, by reducing pressures on the natural environment, people and wildlife.
It starts by getting people to talk
  • Bring people together from commercial and non-commercial sectors and the community, from across different sectors, to share knowledge and experience, to have conversations that count
  • Build on the insight, expertise and energy of innovators, influencers and champions, through cross-sector input and collaboration
  • Hear about different technologies, methodologies, and learn from each other’s successes and failures.
It just takes one little idea to spark greater things
  • Explore and challenge issues by utilising and combining different skills, knowledge and passion, to look at the issues from different perspectives and seek new opportunities
  • Innovate and co-create new business, community or collaborative solutions
  • Develop new connections which enable actionable proposals for positive impact.
It is for creating lasting positive impact
  • Form new networks and partnerships to ensure new ideas and solutions get off the ground and go on to thrive
  • Create a broad coalition to share knowledge and create opportunities for continuous sustainable innovation - for long lasting and meaningful impact.
We do not have any events scheduled at the moment.
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