Climate Action Plans
Our Climate Action Plans programme is a new approach to help people and communities reduce carbon emissions and save money at the same time.

It doesn’t matter where people are in their sustainability journey, what their household budget is, and participants do not need to calculate their carbon foot print first. The priority is for people to identify achievable steps (big or small) that they can put into action immediately, to go on to see the benefits day to day and understand the impact of their actions.

This is a one-year action research project, exploring different approaches to help people and communities reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time we are developing tools, templates and guidance so the initiative can be rolled-out to other organisations and scaled up.

The project is being piloted across Somerset, in both urban and rural locations, and includes areas with a high level of deprivation.

For Households

People will be supported to:

  • Review their daily routines, including heating, eating, moving, reducing and recycling and look where changes can be made.
  • Identify both practical actions and savings, from simple immediate changes to longer-term commitments
  • Create a tailored, pro-active and realistic action plan for their household.
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For Communities
Alongside the household plans, we also support communities to collaborate and draw up collective initiatives and action plans.

There are many wonderful ideas that communities can explore together; from swap shops, community energy schemes, community farms, cook and eat clubs, or an EV car share scheme.

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Where we are working
We are currently working with eight different communities across Somerset, helping each save money and respond to the climate crisis. 
  • Burnham & Highbridge - supporting Climate Emergency Plan
  • Chard - new conservation group
  • Henstridge - campaign for new cycling/walking trail
  • Taunton - new conservation group
  • Yeovil - new conservation group
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Opportunities to get involved
If you are an individual,  community or voluntary organisation and think CAP would benefit your community please get in touch. 

We are also interested in hearing from agencies and organisations that are in direct contact with those in need and who may want to work with us to adapt the approach to meet the needs of their clients.

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