Five Reasons Why Climathons Are Good for Business
Your business can benefit from our Climathon in a number of ways. Read on to find out more.

Climathons bring a wide variety of people to together. People from communities, businesses, non-commercial organisations, and environmentally minded people.

This event is an opportunity to focus. By being present, focusing on the matter in hand, being open to the perspectives and experience of others, we can have impactful conversations. These conversations can be the foundations for innovative solutions to climate challenges faced by communities worldwide.

1. A fresh perspective 

Climathons are a platform to exchange ideas on tackling climate challenges. Technologies and innovations are changing fast. The Climathon is an opportunity to learn about new ideas and technologies that can be integrated into your organisation to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact.


It can plant the seed of something new. Whether it's new ways of working, a collaboration, or a new product or service, you can move forward with new possibilities.

2. A launch pad for your own ideas

Many of us carry a great idea but struggle to make it happen. Collaboration can put you in the path of the expertise you need to make your idea a reality. Or maybe making a climate positive change in your business feels overwhelming. Meeting with others who have similar motivations but are perhaps further down the road in terms of making eco-friendly changes can inspire and help you see the way ahead.

3. Meaningful community engagement

Climathons are opportunities for businesses to connect with local communities and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. This can help your business nurture trust and loyalty with your customers and build your reputation within the community. It also gives you a better understanding of businesses and climate challenges in your community and tells you what stakeholders may think are important issues.

4. Challenge yourself and develop your skills

It’s a learning opportunity. Participants will see how different sectors and individuals tackle issues and develop ideas. You can learn about different technologies, methodologies and learn from each other’s successes and struggles.


Not only that, Climathons are time-sensitive, and sometimes intense, experiences. Your problem-solving skills will be tested and you will need work fast and focus on what’s important to get the work done. You will also learn to be adaptable and flexible in your approach, however predefined your ideas are. 

5. Networking

This is a great opportunity to network with other businesses as well as people from local authorities and communities. This can help you build relationships with potential partners, customers, and suppliers, and identify new business opportunities.

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