Zero Waste in Somerset

This week we wanted to highlight some of the amazing #zerowaste shops that we are lucky to have in various towns across the county. We're all aware of the terrible impact that plastic packaging is having on our environments and oceans, and making the switch to zero waste shopping can really help make a difference. These shops are helping to make that choice even easier and as a bonus they also support local suppliers and stock a range of ethical and eco conscious products as well.

In no particular order:

1. Lesser Litter - Taunton

Run by Kate and Pete Lesser Litter provides options for shopping organically, ethically and packaging free. They sell a full range of competitively priced groceries, plant mylks and even have a mill available for gluten free flour. They stock a number of local food producers as well as offering some great ethical gift ideas. Note they do not open on Mondays!

2. Take No Wrap - Yeovil

Take no Wrap is Yeovil's first zero waste shop. They have a wide range of dried foods, fruit, snacks and plastic free toiletries as well as eco friendly alternatives to disposable products. They also offer a one stop borrow shop for party supplies.

3. The Good Earth - Wells

The Good Earth has been around for over 40 years, from its inception as a healthfood store in the 70s to the current offering which is a mix of restaurant/cafe, wholefood shop and homeware store, they stock everything from grains and pulses, specialist dietary products, natural toiletries and cleaning products, fresh produce, vitamins, essential oils and a wide range of drinks and healthy snacks.

4. The Blue Pantry - Wellington

The Blue Pantry provides a wide range of responsibly sourced produce in a 'fill your own' style, reducing single use plastic packaging and giving people a choice about the way they shop. They have made themselves a part of the community in Wellington and won the Somerset Life Food and Drink Newcomer Award in 2019.

5. Simply Green - Nailsea

Although she grew up in Nailsea, Bethan Walker, owner of Simply Green was inspired to start the business after using bulk food shops in Melbourne while she was travelling. Having first started with a market stall, Simply Green is now a firm feature of Nailsea High Street, offering an ever expanding range of products from foodstuffs to household cleaning items.

We are very fortunate in the county to have so many great sustainable businesses on our doorsteps - we would encourage everyone to shop local and support these great eco friendly initiatives - together as a community we can make a difference. Have you tried a zero waste shopping experience - let us know on social what prompted you to make the change and how you have found it, or if you are still hesitant, share what is holding you back.