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Sustainable Cafes in Somerset

This week we thought we would share three sustainable cafes that are doing their bit for the environment in Somerset:

The first is Teals - set up during the pandemic (brave!) and based in South Cadbury, Teals is an independant farm store championing local producers and has a strong eco friendly ethos.

As well as the farm store, they also have a restaurant serving local, seasonal food and drink, with vegan options. They strongly emphasise local and seasonal food offerings, composting their waste and taking part in supplying surplus food to the local homeless community. From the design of their building to the food they serve, sustainability underpins this business - they even have an echarging stop as well as a large bicycle park.

We've previously featured Boston Tea Party, the Westcountry independent coffee chain on the blog. They have a range of vegan options and use local suppliers whereever possible. They gained national press coverage for their decision to ban single use coffee cups back in 2018, but they also have a range of other sustainable business practices - from using green energy, to supplying FareShare with surplus products and supporting their local communities. Part of their ethos is known as "Making Things Better" and this is carried out throughout their business practices.

And finally, for this week, Plantside Cafe in Wellington, a fully vegan cafe and catering business, famous for their vegan yorkshire puddings. Their aim is to show everyone just how delicious vegan food can be, and they source their food ethically, choosing seasonal and local produce. They were the first exclusively vegan catering business in the UK and cater from large to small events. The cafe hosts occasional pop up evening events as well as serving the most delicious cupcakes!

We love the fact there are so many sustainable and ethical businesses serving the community in Somerset, which is why we try to highlight and support as many as we can - keep an eye out for more features on Somerset businesses in future articles. We are also in the process of setting up the Somerset Eco Business Network - an exciting new venture to enable eco businesses across the county to come together for ideas, support and to share best practice. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or come to one of our events this autumn.

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