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#recycleweek - Somerset Success

Today marks the start of Recycle Week, an annual campaign that is in its 18th year and which has the aim of celebrating and promoting the benefits of recycling. The theme for this year is "Step it Up" and the organisers hope to encourage everyone to step up and do their bit to combat climate change.

Here in Somerset the campaign is going to celebrate our achievements and promote new ways to recycle more. In 2020-21 Somerset recycled or reused 137 000 tonnes of waste, which is a fantastic achievement and in terms of carbon saved is the equivalent of taking 47 321 cars off the road!

In addition 97.8% of the recycled waste in Somerset stayed in the UK and almost 50% remained in the county itself, which is remarkable. Somerset's recycling rate means it is in the top fifth of local authorities across the country for recycling and with new facilities planned, the amounts of recycling across Somerset should be even higher by next year. So let's all do our part to ensure our county rocks the recycle rates!

Check what you can recycle kerbside now where you live, from cans to clothes:

Check what you can recycle at your nearest recycle sites, from metals to wood:

Check what you can recycle locally or by post with the commercially-sponsored TerraCycle, from medical blister packs to razors:

As well as their usual bring banks, check if your supermarket recycles soft plastics, from food wrapping to crisp packets and pet food pouches:

Not got all your recycle containers? Order now via My Waste Services free at

Live in Somerset West and Taunton or Sedgemoor? Check what you can soon recycle with Recycle More here:

To see what Somerset recycles and where it goes, check the latest Recycling Tracker report:

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