Did you know that in the UK on a daily basis we use more than 7 million disposable cups?!?! which amounts to a whopping 2.5 billion per year - enough to more than fill the Royal Albert Hall! And with less than 1 in 400 of these being recycled, that adds up to a big problem.

Today is National No Disposable Cup Day - an awareness campaign that aims to ensure that we all don't use disposable cups for one day per year and hopes eventually to make sure that we never do.

The problem at the moment is that it is so easy to use one, that sometimes, despite our best intentions we just slip into bad habits, which is what this day is all about - reminding us to remember to take a reuseable cup with us all the time.

One local business that is at the forefront of this campaign is Westcountry coffee chain Boston Tea Party - with over 20 different cafes, including one in Taunton, Boston's took the decision in 2018 to ban disposable cups, instead customers must either bring their own, buy a reuseable one, drink in or borrow a cup in the BTP loan scheme.

We'd love to see more businesses - especially the big chains - follow the example set by BTP, and whether its a cappuchino, americano or latte, we encourage everyone to make sure it's being drunk out of a reuseable cup, today and every day.