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Business Network - a Survey

We are moving forward with our plans to launch a Somerset Eco Business Network. Our aim is that this should provide a space for businesses of any size which has sustainability aims at their heart or want to improve their eco credentials. We will be offering a number of workshops on subjects that matter to sustainable businesses as well as offering online and inperson networking opportunities, facilitating collaboration and providing support when it is most needed.

We really want to make sure we are serving the eco business community and providing the network that really satisfies their needs - so we've put together a very short survey which we would love any Somerset based business to complete. We hope this will give us an insight into what people are looking for from a network and how we can best support and grow the entrepreneurial eco community in Somerset.

The link to the survey is here: and we would love it if you could share to your friends/family/network and across social media (tagging us where possible) so that we can get as many responses as possible.

We are also looking for workshop partners - we are particularly interested in hearing from anyone with connections in law, accounting for small businesses or marketing, but we’re open to suggestions for anything that will help businesses to develop and be more sustainable. If you think you can help then please get in touch with us by email. through the website or Facebook page.

Finally we are always keen to showcase environmentally focused and sustainable businesses on our website - through features/interviews and promotion across our social media channels which are growing daily. If you would be interested in having your business featured, contact us via social or using the contact box below.

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