Aviva Funding - a Final Push

First off, a great big huge thank you to everyone who has supported us and made a pledge so far. We have already raised over £5000 which is amazing and will make such a difference to our little organisation and help us realise our plans so much sooner.

And there's still time - the Aviva Fundraising continues to run and Aviva are still generously match funding every donation made, so whatever you give, we'll get twice as much. Click here to read more about our project and proposal and to make a donation. It will make a huge impact whatever amount you can give.

And we understand that not everyone has funds to spare, especially at this time of year, but if you can't donate financially, please consider other ways to support us - share this post, share our details on social media, give a little of your time to volunteer with us, join as a director - there are so many ways to get involved. Use the contact box to message us to find out more.

We'll announce the grand total of sums raised once the funding window closes and once again, thank you to everyone who has supported us.