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A New Plan - To Be Sustainable and Cut the Cost of Living

We are excited to announce we are launching a new initiative to help people and communities reduce their carbon footprint, live more sustainably and save money. We’re now looking for local groups and organisations who want to see a carbon reduction and money saving outreach project in their area.

We’ll be piloting this project in both urban and rural areas in Somerset. Ideally in the early days we’re looking for local groups or organisations who can work with us to help get the project off the ground in their area. Local knowledge and connections to the local community will be key to the success of the initiative.

With the cost-of-living crisis, there will be a big focus on helping people save money by living more sustainably.

Alongside the help for individual householders, there will be support for communities to work together to set up larger carbon and money saving local projects. Anything from renewable energy, to repair and reuse, to food growing, to bulk buying to car share schemes for example.

We’re also happy to hear from anyone who wants help more generally with the aims of the project either as volunteer, organisation, service provider, sponsor or supporter.

We are holding a webinar on 12th October to find out more. Do please get in touch by email if you or your organisation are interested, and to book a place on the webinar.


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