The Eco Centre formed when a group of like-minded people with the same concerns for climate change came together and asked what can we do to? Our mission became to empower people to take practical action against climate change and to the preserve the natural environment, by:
  • Enabling people to live and work more sustainably; and
  • Helping to make sustainable products and services accessible to more people.

Our approach is to focus on providing practical help, advice and promote action, by creating pathways for individuals, communities and businesses to take steps to reduce carbon emissions and waste, whilst delivering positive impact on our environment.

How we achieve this:
A sustainability centre for the South West
At the heart of our plans is the Eco Centre: a centre of excellence for sustainability for the South West. The vision for the Eco Centre is establish a visitor attraction and a discovery centre for sustainable living and working. The Centre will offer:
  • Education programmes, exhibitions and demonstrations.
  • Incubator units for supporting enterprises developing sustainable technologies, goods and services.

Through the co-location of these facilities and services we will encourage shared insight, exploration, co-creation and innovation.

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Community education and practical action programmes
The Eco Centre takes its work into community settings - to where people live, learn and work - to help people reduce their carbon footprint, live more sustainably, but also save money at the same time. Our plans include:
  • Supporting a community-led network of local eco hubs and eco-ambassadors.
  • A schools programme.
  • A schools’ programme. • a programme to support communities to develop collective approaches to sustainable living.

The Climate Action Plans programme is our current project, where we are supporting people to draw up pro-active and realistic Plans based on their daily routines, for short and long term impact on the environment and climate change.

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Providing opportunities for the public, businesses and non-commercial sectors to collaborate
The South West Climate Action Programme is a programme of events and activities that will bring together people from different walks of life who want to make change happen. The programme aims to encourage and cultivate sustainable innovation and promote action. The programme provides a platform for partnership working and exploring new approaches and ways of working.
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Making it happen
The challenge for all of us is addressing climate change, and living and working sustainably. Between us, we have the knowledge and the tools to reduce our impact on the environment. We can a make a difference if we’re prepared to be open to living and working differently.

The success of the Eco Centre, and importantly our aims, will rest of the enthusiasm and engagement of a broad collation of people and organisations from all sectors.

Eco Centre is Charitable Community Benefit Society. As a Charitable CBS we are a non-profit-making membership organisation, with charitable aims, and we are answerable to our members.

We choose to be a membership organisation because: 

- We want to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, communities and innovators who share our vision to ensure the project delivers on its mission and achieve its objectives.

- We are led and controlled by our members, which means members have a say in our plans. When our members believe in the vision, we can trust they are making decisions with our shared goals in mind and for the plant.

It’s time to work work together and take action: to live and work smarter.

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