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About Us

We are a community organisation founded to promote sustainability, through education, business networking and support and the creation of a Visitor Centre that will showcase excellence in sustainable living. 

Our Aims 

Our main aim is to combat climate change and improve environmental sustainability by: 

• Enabling us all to make the changes needed to live and work more sustainably 

       • Helping make sustainable technology and services more accessible to more people 


We want to support and empower individuals, communities, and businesses to make the step changes needed to combat climate change and sustain the environment. 

We’re bringing together action on: 

  • behaviour and practices at home and at work; with 

  • support for the development of sustainable products and services, and their suppliers; and 

  • the close involvement of local communities in the delivery

In this way we can address both supply and demand. 


Sustainable Energy

Who We Are


The Eco-Centre CBS Ltd is a Charitable Community Benefit Society – a not-for-profit organisation owned and governed by members in the South-West of England. 

There is a small but dedicated team of board members (our directors) and volunteers committed to making the Eco-Centre a success. Underpinning the Eco-Centre are the members, who are not just supporters, but as shareholders, are the power behind everything we do.  


Our Plan to set up a community-led sustainability centre in the South-West of England. As well as visitor centre, with facilities sustainable enterprises, it will be a resource base and focus for a wider network of communities, businesses and schools. 

We want to create a centre of excellence that promotes and and enables sustainability throughout the county and can extend its reach - attracting regional and even national interest and visitors. 

At the Eco-Centre 

The Eco Explorer visitor centre – will enable the public to discover more about sustainable products and technology and get practical tips for sustainable living.   

A Green Business Hub - will support enterprises developing sustainable products, technologies and services 

The Eco Learning Programme – will provide educational and training resources for schools, students, workers and the general public 

The Future Food Fields – will demonstrate and inform good practice in sustainable food production 


At Large 

Alongside the Eco-Centre we aim to support or develop an outreach programme to facilitate a network of: community adult and school ambassadors; local community groups/enterprises; and satellite centres/resource bases - to ensure all communities can benefit from the initiative, and it reflects their needs and aspirations. 

We also want to help support new and emerging green businesses and innovations, and existing businesses and organisations to be more sustainable across the area. 


Partnership Working 

We recognise the scale of this ambition. Partnerships and stakeholder support will be vital. The Eco-Centre CBS Ltd, as a community-led organisation, will be an anchor and enabler (alongside other key stakeholders) for the new and existing community enterprises and others needed to realise these ambitions.  

Through partnership working we aim to make the Eco-Centre a focus for a wide-range of stakeholders, communities and innovators coming together as a cohesive force to ensure the programme achieves its objectives - bringing about substantive and lasting improvements in sustainability, and inspiring others to do so. 

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